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Products Made by Educators for Educators

Who We Are

Petriscope Models

MALA Scientific was created

by educators for educators

After decades of teaching biological and medical topics, and being an award winning educator, MALA Scientific President, Dr. Lakshmi Atchison, knew the biological topics where students struggled.  Knowing that some topics are difficult for students, and that educational products were not available in the market to address these topics, MaLa Scientific was created to meet clear needs.  Mala Scientific educational models and lesson plans were developed for high school, college, and medical school students to enable them to understand blood cell diseases, human skin, and cancer.  Lesson plans and model kits are provided that teach:

  • Blood cell biology and diseases including leukemia and infection-related disorders

  • Human skin

  • Cancers that impact high school and college students.

What We're All About

Blood cell models

Petriscope Models (the size of a 90mm petri dish) are tactile, 3 dimensional models that enable students to instantly grasp blood cell biology and diseases

Our goal is to help you help your students

Our educational products have been tested in the class and lab and have received rave reviews by students and educators

​Complete kits and refill kits


Cat# 101:   Petriscope Lab Activity Full 9 Petriscope Kit  ($425)

Cat #102:   Petriscope Models Only ($375)

Cat #103:   Replacement Blood Cell refills for Student Modeling ($65)

Cat #201:   Infection-Related Disorders Blood Modeling Kit  ($225)

Cat #202:   Infections Petriscope only set ($180)

Cat #203:   Infections Blood cells refills for Student Modeling ($45)

Cat #301:   Leukemia Blood Cell Modeling Full Kit ($225)

Cat #302:   Leukemia Petriscope only set ($180)

Cat #303:   Leukemia Blood cells refills for Student Modeling  ($45)

Cat #401:   Human Skin Model kit ($49)

Cat #501:   Booklet: Cancers that Affect High School and College                        Age Students ($7)

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